Meet Steve

Steve Gambrill, Sr. is an award-winning, versatile and experienced entertainer performing educational and entertaining presentations for students from preschool to seniors throughout Maryland.

With a long history of providing presentations to children through Steve’s other organizations, Extreme Family Entertainment and Extreme Family Outreach, he has presented thousands of shows to tens-of-thousands of children on bullying, making good decisions, not quitting, superheroes, and seeking treasure.

Using a unique mix of magic, illusions, balloons, and his sidekick, Scrappy, Steve presents thought-provoking messages to the audience while keeping them interested and entertained.  His presentations are fun, fast-paced, and exciting!

My name is Steve Gambrill and my mission is to help educators just like you to reach students in unique ways that enhance your educational program. I am only successful when you are successful.

Meet Scrappy

Scrappy is Steve’s little duck puppet friend who always comes to share something with the kids, but every time Steve asks a question Scrappy always says “I don’t know.” When the kids get to know him, they start answering for him, “I don’t know” and the kids will try to teach Scrappy what we have learned.


  • 2016 Champions for Children and Youth Harford County Award Winner
  • Award Winning and Certified Balloon Artist with the largest balloon company in the world, Pioneer Balloons.
  • Honorary Phi Alpha Sorority Member with all of its rights and privileges through UMBC.
  • American Rescue Workers 2014 Humanitarian of the Year Award Winner.  Also serves on the Board of Directors.

Our Misson

For years, I have had the honor of captivating audiences of children and adults nationwide. I provide high quality, educational programs that are custom designed to meet the needs of my clients. In an entertaining and fun way, I help my audiences learn, remember, and look forward to more.